I get a 500 Error when when creating a SNMP profile names with a "&" character in it.


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


When creating an SNMP profile in NFA->Admin->SNMP Profiles, you will see a 500 Internal Server Error when when creating, viewing, or editing a SNMP profile names with a "&" character in it.

The profile will still get created despite the error and should work with your devices.


The URL used in NFA already relies on an ampersand symbol to properly form the URL.  Being that the URL uses the SNMP profile name which has an unexpected additional ampersand, it will break the URL. 


NFA that is not linked to any Performance Center.


  1. Download the cumulative patch:
    • https://ftp.broadcom.com/user/downloads/pub/netqos/product_patches/NFA/9.3.8/NFA_9.3.8_CP_001.zip
  2. Extract the files and apply the patch using the supplied readme.
  3. Confirm the issue is resolved.