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Clicking Cost Plan portlet Time-scaled Value Right Scroll arrow does not move to Next Period


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Clicking the Cost Plan portlet Time-scaled Value (TSV) right scroll arrow does not move to future (next) periods.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. In PPM, go to Administration->Studio->Portlets 
2. Click 'New' then 'Grid Portlet' 
3. Enter values for all Required fields (For 'Data Provider', select 'Cost Plan Detail') 
4. Click Next 
5. Click 'Finish and Open' 
6. From the 'List Column Section' drop down, select 'Layout' 
7. Move 'Investment Code' and 'Investment Name' from 'Available Columns' to 'Selected Columns' and click 'Save'. 
8. From the 'List Column Section' drop down, select 'Fields' 
9. Click 'New', select 'Display Type' 'Time Scaled Value', and click 'Next' 
10. Enter the following for the TSV Settings: 
  • For 'Value Attributes', move 'Cost' from 'Available' to 'Selected' 
  • Enter a name in 'Column Label' 
  • Rolling Date = Start of Current Year 
  • Time Sale: Specific Time Scale = 'Month' 
  • Number of Time Periods = 6 
11. Click 'Save and Return' 
12. Go to Home->General and click the 'Personalize' Icon 
13. Click 'Add' 
14. Check the check box created above, and click 'Add' 
15. Click 'Return' 
16. Navigate to the portlet on the PPM General page and click the left scroll arrow (Previous Periods) 
17. Click the right scroll arrow (Next Periods) 

Expected Results: You are taken back to the original view of periods prior to clicking the left scroll arrow 
Actual Results: The Next Periods arrow is grayed out, and you are not taken to the next set of periods 

Note: If in step 7 you also change the field being sorted by in the 'Column Sorting' section to Investment Name or Investment Code, then the arrows no longer get grayed out, but instead, when you click the right arrow then left arrow, you are taken to the wrong periods (earlier periods such as July 2017 - December 2017 instead of January 2018 - June 2018.)


Caused by DE39343


Release: 451-101-15.3-Clarity-Creator User License


Issues with not being able to scroll through time periods is resolved as of 15.4.1. Additionally, in Step 7 of the portlet creation, ensure that in the Column Sorting section set the first field to either Investment Name or Investment Code and then click 'Save', otherwise you can still see issues. 

Note: You can only scroll through through the cost plan periods available for the investments on the current page of the portlet. Example: If the earliest cost plan date date starts in May 2018 for the current page of the portlet, you won't be able to scroll to any period prior to 5/1/18, since there is no data available for those periods. 

Workaround: Change the settings manually in the 'Time-Scaled Value' section to see the periods: 
1. Click the 'Options' icon then 'Time-scaled Value' 
2. Adjust the Start Date / Number of Time Periods to temporarily see future time periods 
3. If you then click the left (Previous Periods) arrow to see future time periods again, go back into Options->Time-scaled Value and click 'Save and Return' to have the TSV reset 

Additional Information

Reference KB000020325 - TSV Scrolling or Editing problem on Financial Plans using Calendar Date Options