ARD: Service Layer error when creating a Child Level


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When saving a flow to the repository, I am getting the following error:
Service Layer Fault received
Service Layer reported the following error:
Fault code s:Client: Operation: CreateLevel: Invalid level type

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open flow in ARD.
2. Connect to the repository.
3. Select the Projects Flows folder by right clicking.
4. Select Create Child Level.
5. Enter Name and Description.
6. Select Type  Agile Designer.
7. Click the save button.
8. Receive Service Layer error message.


This is a known defect in ARD 2.7 and will be fixed in a future GA release. 

Anything in green is an acceptable Type. Child levels can have 3 Types- Normal, Test Match, and Agile Designer. If you choose Type Normal, it’s not green and not an acceptable Type. Agile Designer Type is green and acceptable. When we try to save to this type, we get the service layer error. The workaround is to first create a child level of type Normal, and then create type Agile Designer. Then you will be able to save flows to this type. 


CA Agile Requirements Designer (ARD)- Agile Designer


Below is the workaround and a short video on how to do it as well. See: 

1. Open flow.
2. Go to Home tab. 
3. Click Save As To Repository. 
4. Connect to repository. 
5. Project tree appears- expand to where you want to save. 
6. Create a Child Level of Type Normal.
7. Create Child Level of Type Agile Designer. 
8. Choose that level and save flows to there. 
9. Receive save successful message. 
10. Open from repository. 
11. You should see the saved flow and be able to open it.