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APM Agent Based License Checker Tool


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


This configurable MOM/EM extension allows customers to assess their license compliance for per-agent licensing.


Application Performance Management 10.x
Application Performance Management Agents 10.x


lease follow the following steps to configure the tool on a MOM or standalone EM:

  • The attached file contains 2 files: com.wily.swat.supportability.licensing_9.1.0.jar &
  • Add the extension jar to the ‘<EM Install Directory>/product/enterprisemanager/plugins' directory: com.wily.swat.supportability.licensing_9.1.0.jar
  • Add the configuration file to the '<EM Install Directory>/config' directory: 
  • Restart the MOM/EM

The tool provides two different counts, for Java Agents and .NET agents.  It produces a licenseable count for each group under the node:

SuperDomain*|Custom Metric Host (Virtual)|Custom Metric Process (Virtual)|Custom Metric Agent (Virtual)|Enterprise Manager|Licensing

The configuration of the Java Agents is:

  1. Count agents that have the metric "Java Version"
  2. Discard those that have any "EPA" metrics
  3. Discard those that have "JMX" or "EPA" in the full agent process name. 

The configuration of the .NET agent is:

  1. Count agents that have the metric ".NET Version"
  2. Discard those that have "Perfmon" metrics (this will wrongly remove older .NET agents that have a perfmon folder). NOTE: this option is currently disabled – see comments in file
  3. Discard those that have "Perfmon" in the full agent process Name.

Example shown below with 1 .NET Agent, 1 standalone Web Server Java Agent and 3 Java Agents:

Agents list

Licenseable Count for .NET Agent shows a value of 1 for the 1 .NET Agent:

Licenseable Count for Java Agent shows a value 4 for the 1 Web Server Agent + 3 Java Agents:

Java Agent Licenseable Count

Additional Information

Credit to Ki Alam (CA APM Engineering Services) for the development of this tool
Please note that the tool is not officially supported and is only intended to estimate license counts. The tool and its methodology are not incorporated into contracts and are not intended to be used as strict measures of license usage. The determination of exactly how things should be counted are based on the customer’s contract and terms (not based on this tool).

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