Can you use linked databases with Subset?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Is it possible to use SQL Server or Oracle linked servers/databases for masking or subsetting?

I am referring to creating a linked server for MS SQL and Oracle. For MS SQL, it would be like this:  

In our scenario, we have the TDM Scramble database installed and linked to our Source database. Datamaker is running on the Scramble database. We first create the view on the Scramble database and then the created view is referenced to the Source database. Would this be possible?


CA Test Data Manager- Datamaker & Subset


SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL are supported for subsetting and masking. You can refer to this documentation here for supported data sources:

We support database links for the SQL in masked inserts, but this just joins the tables in source and target. We do not support links to reference masking objects or views; this would be an enhancement request.

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