In the MSP New Driver, Actual Hours get divided by 3600 for Material Resources


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Actual hours get divided by 3600 for material resources in MSP when using the New XML Driver. 


Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create a rate matrix with a rate of $1 for all resources for 1/1/2016-12/31/2017

2. Create a project with dates of 1/1/2017-3/31/2017

3. Financially Enable the project, and associate the project with the material rate matrix from Step1

4. Add a material resource to the team

5. Create a new task with dates of 1/1/2017-3/31/2017

6. Assign the material resource to the task

7. Give 90,000 of ETC to the Material Resource

8. Run the Rate Matrix Extraction job with the first three options checked

9. Go to Home > Transaction Entry > New > Voucher Other

10. Post a transaction for 5,000 with a date of 1/5/2017

11. Post to Wip

12. Run Import Financial Actuals Job

13. Check the task assignment and verify that 5000 hours of Actuals and a $5000 actual cost are showing on the task


14. Export the project to MSP (using the New Driver)

Expected Results: MSP shows 5000 hours of actuals and a $5000 actual cost for the material resource assignment.

Actual Results: MSP shows 1.39 hours (5000/3600) of Actual hours. Since the Actual hours are wrong, the Actual Cost also shows a wrong value of $1.39.


Caused by DE32719


CA PPM 14.4 and 15.1


This issue is fixed in CA PPM and 15.3.