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UIM- How to pass the login to standalone dashboard portlet in UMP


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How to pass the login to standalone dashboard portlet. (this KB applies to UIM 20.1 and earlier and UMP - if using UIM 20.3 see --> Pass username and password in standalone dahboard URL in UIM 20.3 ( )




Component: CAUIM- UMP Dashboard


With the newer versions of the UMP can no longer use the dashboard header in the standalone.jsp URL to open a specific dashboard. Instead would need to get the specific identifier for the desired dashboard.

The easiest way to accomplish your goal is by following these steps:

- logon to the UMP and open your published dashboard via Live View in "full screen" mode in the dashboard portlet

- this will open a new browser tab with the dashboard. Copy the URL from the browser address field which should look like this

- now add the tags user= and password= to the URL, the new URL should now show

- the user you choose must be one that can normally access your published dashboard?

- with the tag persistLogin you should not be asked to login again

Now should be able to use this link to access the dashboard directly in full screen mode without being prompted for a username and password.