interface_traffic probe GUI fails to display profiles/data after configuration and throws error 80040402


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



interface_traffic is the only probe on a single hub machine where the GUI opens but it stays in a state of 'initializing' then fails with a generic Windows network error 80040402 type error. (failed to communicate with controller (80040402)

- All other probes/GUIs open up fine.
- GUI open but no profiles/checkpoints are displayed. GUI is empty.
- Local firewall has nothing to do with it as we also disabled it and tested it again.
- controller first probe port is set.
- We can access the probe from another machine / robot with no problem.
- We can connect to the robot over port 48000 and from the IM tools connect.
- probe is collecting QOS data

Upgrading the hub probe from 7.61 to 7.62 resolved the issue. Basically the interface_traffic probe runs a ton of probe callbacks and there were some problems with those callbacks being run over multiple network hops in hub 7.61, and 7.62 resolves this issue.

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Component: UIMINT


Interface_traffic  - This probe is no longer supported as of October 1, 2017. This probe is replaced by the snmpcollector probe.

Snmpcollector documentation: