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MSP assignment units changes not saving


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Microsoft Project (MSP) Assignment Units changes are not being reflected after saving a project back to Clarity and reopening the project. The value reverts back to the Resource's Allocation on the Project's Team tab.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Administration->Project Management->Settings
  2. Look for field 'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with Clarity Assignment Max % Load' and uncheck if it is checked
  3. Save changes
  4. Create a new project in Clarity with one team member with a default allocation of 100%
  5. Export the project to MSP
  6. Create a new task and assign the resource to the task 
  7. Double click on the task and go to the 'Resources' tab
  8. Change the Units to 50% for the resource
  9. Save the project back to Clarity
  10. Open the project in MSP and navigate back to the 'Resource's tab for the task

Expected Results: Units remains at 50%

Actual Results: Units have reverted back to 100% which is the allocation assigned to the resource on the Team tab


This is working as designed if  'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with Clarity Assignment Max % Load' is unchecked in Clarity. MSP Assignment Units changes are sent to the 'Max % Load' field in Clarity for the assignment. However, if the setting 'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with Clarity Assignment Max % Load' is not checked, when the project is exported from MSP to Clarity, it will export the assignment units from the Resource's allocation on the Team tab.


Release: All Supported

Component: Microsoft Project Interface


To export the assignment's allocation from the Max % Load field, check the following setting: 'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with Clarity Assignment Max % Load'. This will then cause all tasks assignments to be pulled from the 'Max % Load' field instead of the resource's allocation on the project. 

Note: This setting works for all loading patterns in the MSP New Driver, but only with the Uniform loading pattern setting in the MSP Legacy Driver

To enable this setting:

  1. In Clarity go to Administration->Project Management->Settings
  2. Check the check box 'MSP Assignment Units Mapping with Clarity Assignment Max % Load'

To view the 'Max % Load' field for an assignment:

  1. Navigate to the task on the project
  2. Add the 'Max % Load' field to the Assignment list view if not there already

Important: It is recommended to test this out before making this change to see if there is any impact based on your MSP/Clarity configurations. It can impact how ETCs/Actuals are calculated. 

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