Is it possible to reset the User Votes rating on a SDM Knowledge Document?


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Is it possible to reset the User Votes rating on a Knowledge Document?


CA Service Desk Manger 14.1 and 17.1
All Supported Operating Systems


The data is stored within the KT_REPORT_CARD MDB table. In particular, the user votes data is stored within the TOTAL_VOTES field.

Information within this table is stored based on the KT Document ID. 

Please refer to the CA Service Desk Manager Technical Reference Guide for further information regarding the schema for this table.

Proceed to perform a pdm_extract of this table (i.e. pdm_extract KT_REPORT_CARD > ktreportcard.txt), make the necessary changes and then perform a pdm_load.

Please ensure that a backup is made of the KT_REPORT_CARD MDB table prior to any changes being made.

As always, we recommend testing all changes in a non-PROD environment first.

Additional Information

In SDM 17.2 and 17.3 the logic that governs the User Votes and the KD rating/comments was updated and as a result, the information in this KB article does NOT apply to SDM 17.2 and 17.3

The process of manually changing the User Votes on a KB article is not simple anymore as it is a combination of many settings that are internal to the system.

The system automatically calculates this and other counts based on the actual ratings and comments that exist in the MDB.

Therefore in SDM 17.2 and 17.3, there currently is no supported mechanism to reset the user rating on a SDM KB article.

If this feature is important to you, strongly recommend submitting an enhancement request via the Service Management Community (