CA Spectrum install fails unable to connect to SRAdmin


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CA Spectrum


CA Spectrum installation fails with the following error:

      "Unable to connect to CA Spectrum Remote Administration Daemon (sradmin)

       You can either install sradmin now or if you already have it installed you can start the service and try again.

       Click Install to proceed with installing CA Spectrum Remote Administration Daemon.

       Click Cancel to go back and try again."

However, prior to starting the installation of Spectrum, SRAdmin was installed successfully but now is not running.


A possible root cause is that there is another process using TCP port 46517 used by SRAdmin. To verify, run the following command as the root user on Linux or Solaris to check which process may be running using port 46517:

        netstat -anp | grep 46517


On Windows, open a bash shell by running "bash -login" and run the following command to check which process may be running using port 46517:

    netstat -ano | grep 46517


If there is no other application running on this port, then the other possible reason for the "Unable to connect to .. SRAdmin" error is that the Domain Name Server is not setup to correctly resolve the hostname of the local server. The Spectrum install application will attempt to connect to SRAdmin on the localhost its running on by using the local hostname and port 46517. If the hostname can't be resolved, then it will not connect.



Release: Spectrum 20.2.x
Component: OneClick and SpectroSERVER



If there is another process using port 46517, stop the process and manually start SRAdmin and then restart the installation.

To fix a DNS issue, you will need to change the loop back address in the /etc/hosts file to include the IP address and hostname (as opposed to just localhost). For example, if you are installing on a machine called MyServer with an IP address of 111.222.333.444, then instead of the default: localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4


Change it to: localhost localhost.localdomain 111.222.333.444 MyServer

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