Restart of a Utility Execution during an execution of Batch Processor code
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Restart of a Utility Execution during an execution of Batch Processor code


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RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS Batch Processor RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS


When RC/Migrator for Db2 for z/OS (RCM) generated Batch Processor Code is executed, there are times when Db2 utilities are executed. Utilities like the
Load and Unload utilities are sometimes left in a stopped but not finished state after an error. As well as restarting the Batch Processor Execution using
a .RESTART SYNC card in the JCL, it is also necessary to restart the Stopped utility.

Error messages like this could be seen if a restart of just the batch processor is attempted:

PFL0010E - Data object in RESTART mode - RESTART parameter required
UTILID xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx Checksum nnnnn
PFL0028I - FASTLOAD Processing ended - Return Code 008


A DB2 utility that was executing is terminated for some reason and the Utility is left in a Stopped state.


These messages indicate that the utility must also be restarted. A RESTART parm is required on the .CALL statement for the Load Utility execution which failed. 

Look for the last SYNC point which RC/Migrator completed and committed. Change the next ".CALL" statement after the last committed SYNC statement.
That's where a .SYNC RESTART function will try to pick up the execution from by bypassing all previous SYNC points.

This is the syntax:

What to look for? 

As generated for Fast Load: .CALL UTLGLCTL PARM(ssid,) 

As generated for IBM Load: .CALL UTIL LOAD PARM(ssid)

for Broadcom utilities change to : .CALL UTLGLCTL PARM(ssid,RESTART(option))

"option" could be one of CHECK/BYPASS/PHASE/TERM 


for IBM utilities: .CALL UTIL LOAD PARM(ssid,,RESTART(option))
See the IBM DB2 Command and Utility Reference for the correct RESTART option to use in this statement.

Changed for Fast Load .CALL UTLGLCTL PARM(ssid,RESTART(PHASE))

Additional Information

Refer to the Batch Processor Reference Guide, "Restart Abended Utilities" section.

The condition of a Utility can be seen by using the "DB2C" command and displaying CA (DC) or Displaying Utilities (DU).