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How to change the NOS-less installation temporary directory on the Agents?


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The default NOS-less temporary installation directory is "C:\Program Files\CA\DSM\SD\TMP".
In certain organizations due to the organization's policy it may not feasible to install anything on the C Drive. Is there a way to change this?



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The NOS-less temporary installation directory can be changed by modifying the following policy:
DSM->Software Delivery->Shared->NOS:NOS-less installation temporary directory

If it is a new configuration policy, change the value to the desired path and distribute the policy to the desired agents.
If the change is done to the 'Default computer Policy', the change will be replicated down to all the agents.

Alternate Method
The 'NOS-less installation temporary directory' policy is a Locally Managed policy by default and can be changed on the Agent directly using the following command:
ccnfcmda -cmd setparametervalue -ps /itrm/usd/shared -pn insttemppath -v <desired path>