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Mismatch of "Baseline Usage" between Clarity and DWH


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The "Baseline Usage" values in Clarity and the Data Warehouse (DWH) do not match under certain circumstances.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Project
  2. Allocate a team member
  3. Assign this resource to a task, say Task 0
  4. Assign this same resource to another task, say Task 1
  5. Create a baseline
  6. For this example, the “Baseline Usage” shown at this point is 250 (under the “Team” tab)
  7. Run the Load Data Warehouse job, which will put Baseline Usage = 250 in the DWH
  8. Delete the assignment made on Task 1 at step 4
  9. Run the Load DWH job

Expected Result: The Clarity UI (under the “Team” tab) reports the same baseline usage value of 250 as in DWH

Actual Result:  The Baseline Usage available in the DWH has changed and is now 150


This was analyzed by Engineering through DE31586 and is working as designed.


Release: All Clarity Releases



The reason this is working as expected is that Clarity picks up Baseline Usage by filtering for “PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS.OBJECT_TYPE” = “TEAM”, whereas the Load Data Warehouse gets the Baseline Usage data by filtering for “PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS.OBJECT_TYPE” = “ASSIGNMENT”

The two columns of interest here, in the DWH are:


Additional Information

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