Message DC050001: how the percentage full is determined
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Message DC050001: how the percentage full is determined


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In the message IDMS DC050001 V83 T11 DCLOG IS 62% FULL , how is the percentage calculated?


IDMS: All supported releases.


During startup IDMS will check the log do determine the percent used in the log. From that point when IDMS writes to the log it checks to see if the percent full has increased by 12.5% from the last time we wrote to the log. If it is, then the numbers will increase at about 12% increments. Now when the log gets to 78% full, we will write out a message when it gets to half of what is left.
Example.. If log is 80% full we will write a message halfway to 100% which would show up as 90% full.

The next message would come out at 95% then 97% then 98% and then you will get the message: DC050004 V500 T87 *** DCLOG IS FULL ***