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Mapping Idea attributes to Project attributes


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When we convert an Idea to a Project, several of the fields that should map over do not. For example, IT Lead on the Idea should map to Manager on the Project. Also, Portfolio on the Idea should map to the IT Steering Committee field on the Project. I believe there are a couple of others. How do we tell the application to map attributes when an Idea is converted to a Project?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity
  2. Administration > Studio: Objects > Idea
  3. Create a custom, user-defined attribute [ex. 'IT Lead' (ID = it_lead) or 'Portfolio' (ID = it_portfolio)]
  4. Idea Views > Add the attributes to the [Layout:Create] and [Layout:Edit] views
  5. Home > Ideas > click 'New' button to create a new Idea > fill in values for the new attributes
  6. Approve the Idea and Convert it to a Project

How do we get these attributes to come over to the Project when we click the 'Convert' button to convert the Idea? How to we map it to attributes on the Project Object?


Release: All Supported
Component: Clarity Project Management


The attribute ID on the Idea Object must be identical to the attribute ID on Project object (or other Investment Object).

When the conversion occurs, the application will be able to copy data from the Idea attribute to the Project Object attribute with automatic mapping based on the same attribute ID. Some out-of-the-box (OOTB) attributes on the Project Object are special and will have special handling such as the Manager Field. The Idea 'Target Manager' is the field that is mapped and will populate the Project Manager Field.

Additional Information

There is a scenario where the above steps will not work as expected. Additional details on this can be found on Out of the Box Idea Attribute Values Do not Copy from Idea to Project .
Please also look to the communities link: Idea to Project Conversion

See also: Idea Convert to Project - Field Values not Copying Over