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Clarity Sharepoint Connector compatibility and availability information


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ePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 entitlement, compatibility, and availability information regarding connector v2.0 and v1.2
Please reference the latest User Guides for the most current information.


SharePoint Connector v1.2 is available for SharePoint v2007 and must be purchased; contact your Account Team for information.
SharePoint Connector v1.2 is not supported with Clarity v13.0+ or later releases.

SharePoint Connector v2.0 is only available (For Download) for Clarity v12.1.2+ users who are current with their support maintenance*.
SharePoint Connector v2.0 is only supported with SharePoint v2010 and Clarity v12.1.2+ or later releases.

Connector: v1.2 or earlier will only work with SharePoint-2007**
Connector: v2.0 will only work with SharePoint-2010**


*Please speak with your account manager if the download is not available for download if you are on Clarity v12.1.2+ (Or later release), and are current with support maintenance.

**Compatibility issues between SharePoint v2007 & 2010 are due to changes within the SharePoint application/product. Additional information, regarding the changes between the two versions, and compatibility issues can be found on the Microsoft website.

Note: If you are upgrading your SharePoint Server to v2010; you must remove all components of the previously installed connector before installing v2.0, failure to do so will render the connector inoperable.


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