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What does the Endevor BC1PMVCL processor utility do?


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In Endevor Move processors, the last step executes BC1PMVCL.  What does this do?



Release:  18.0  18.1
Component: Endevor SCM


A move processor typically copies the outputs from the generate processor to the next stage's output libraries. After the outputs have been copied, the move processor typically also copies the existing component list to the new inventory area. The utility to move component lists is a pseudo processor program called BC1PMVCL.

When using BC1PMVCL, the existing component data does not get updated so all the input and output components in the component list reflect the data sets used at generate time. However, if in the copy steps of the move processor, MONITOR=COMPONENTS is coded on the output files, and BC1PMVCL is part of the processor (as the last step), Endevor will:

  • Remove existing output components from component list
  • Add new output components to component list
  • Will not change input components

Technically, the BC1PMVCL does not have to be the last step; however, it must execute after all monitored components. If components have been monitored in a move processor (prior to the execution of BC1PMVCL), then all of the gathered output components will be used to replace all of the existing output components in the existing component list. Those gathered output components are subsequently removed from the storage lists in which they were collected in order to avoid subsequent update at the end of the processor execution.

This will cause output component lists to be generated by a move if a move processor has collected new output components prior to the execution of BC1PMVCL. The output components will replace all of the output in the existing components list.

BC1PMVCL provides the ability to update the component list to reflect the location of the output components as the result of the move processor.

The move processor utility BC1PMVCL dynamically replace old Endevor output components with the new output components at the end of the move processor execution. By using BC1PMVCL in the move processor, the LL and LO commands will function after a move.