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Multi-Tenancy environment; while in the web interface tabbing out of "Affected End User" field of a new request, the following message is reported: getCandidateTenants(cr:83274874,3986928649836438928346) failed - tenantcache is not correctly initialized


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Scenario: Multi-Tenancy installed

During the creation of a New Request via web interface, when the user tabs out of "Affected End User", the following error message is reported:

getCandidateTenants(cr:83274874,3986928649836438928346) failed - tenant cache is not correctly initialized


A Solution exists for a similar problem: RI30769 (problem USRD/1152) but in some situations it is not enough.

The Solution RI30769 requires you to modify the web.cfg file, adding to the SelListCachePreload variable, the following:

tenant(name subtenant_group supertenant_group) 

In this situation, together with what has been suggested via RI30769, you also need to modify the web.cfg file to add the following to the SelListCahePreload variable:

tenant_group_member(tenant_id tenant_group) 

The resultant setting for the SelListCachePreload variable will be following:

SelListCachePreload .. tenant(name subtenant_group supertenant_group) tenant_group_member(tenant_id tenant_group)


Component: ARGIS