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How to add the ticket solution to the close notification message


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It is usual that customers request the ticket solution to be available to the end user in the Close Notification message.

When a Solution is registered to a ticket, an activity named 'Solution Registered' is logged to the Activity tab:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1
Figure 1

And the same information is added to the Solution tab:

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Figure 2
Figure 2

How to add this solution to the 'Close Notification' message so when the ticket is closed the End User receives it without the need to check the ticket inside Service Desk?


To add the Solution to the 'Close Notification' message proceed as follows:

Go to the Administration tab and expand the Notifications tree.

Click Message Template and choose the "Default Close Message Template for the Request/Incident/Problem resolution".

Click the "Edit" button and add the following notation to the Notification Message Body and to the HTML Message:


The template should look like the following after saved:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 3
Figure 3

Now under Notification click 'Notification Rules'.

Click 'Default Close Notification Rule for request/incident/problem' rule.

Add the 'Affected End User' to the 'Object contacts' tab. You can add any other object to this tab, or to the other tabs if needed.

By the time the ticket is closed, the message delivered to the affected end user should contain the following:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 4
Figure 4

If more than one Solution is registered, the notation provided will show only the most recent one.
The parameters used are pre-defined in the message body and there is no way to figure out how many solutions were provided to the ticket.
Considering this, there is no way to automatically get all Solutions in the message notification, because there is no way to build the message template dynamically.


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