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How are ticket numbers allocated? Why are there sometimes small gaps in the consecutive ticket numbers?


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This document explains why ticket reference numbers may not be consecutive when created in CA Service Desk Manager.


In order to minimize SQL requests against the key_control table, the system will reserve six ticket numbers in memory and increment the next ticket number by six in the key_control table. If all six are used in the session, the system will then allocate six more and increment the next ticket number in the table by a further six.

Service Desk Manager ticket reference numbers may be skipped if Service Desk is recycled or if a ticket creation is cancelled. If you start the system and open a new Call Request, Cancel it, then shut down the Service Desk Manager service - the next ticket opened will be +six more than the previous one.

CA Service Desk Manager was designed this way to minimize locking and I/O on the key_control table in the database. This improves overall performance.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration