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Clarity: Project > Team > Remove Team Member is removing TEAM records from existing baseline details


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Removing a Team Member from a Project should NOT remove baseline data. We created a baseline on the project, removed a team member and immediately see the record is removed from the PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS table for ALL Baselines on that project.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a project
  2. Allocate 2 resources to it (Resource1, Resource2)
  3. Baseline the project
  4. Run a query from PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS and you'll see 2 team records
  5. Allocate a 3rd resource to the project (Resource3)
  6. Create a 2nd Baseline on the project
  7. Run a query from PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS and you will see 2 sets of baseline details (first set has 2 TEAM records, second set has 3 TEAM records)
  8. Delete one of resources from the Team page (delete Resource1 or Resource2 as they are on both sets of details)
  9. Run a query from PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS and you'll see that for both sets of baseline details, the TEAM record has been removed for this resource

Expected Result: When a Team Member is removed from a project, the PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS TEAM record should NOT be removed  -- we expected to see the baseline record remain for historical detailed reporting.
Actual Result: When a Team Member is removed from a project the TEAM record is removed from all associated baselines on that project.


The baseline detail records reference the object they are baselining. In this case the 'team' baseline detail record references a team record. If there is no team record, the baseline detail record would be 'orphaned', creating a data integrity issue. Baseline information is rolled up to the investment level and that is where the reporting is normally done.
The total project baseline amount remains the same until the baseline is refreshed with a 'update baseline' action.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-67391, nab, configuration.


Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus