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Within Business Objects, the Model and Legal Document classes in the Allegheny universe appear hidden


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Model and Legal Document classes in the Allegheny universe appear hidden


If you are familiar with Business Objects and are looking at the ITAM 12.6 universe (Allegheny), you may see Model and Legal Document classes that are hidden. Please do not unhide these as they are not yet complete and may not be supported in their current form in a future release (which means any reports built on them would have to be re-constructed).

During 12.6 development, we began working on additional ITAM universe objects but were not able to complete a comprehensive list of these objects; for this reason these two classes were hidden. The ITAM development roadmap does include the addition of further objects for a future release.

In general, when making universe modifications, please make the modifications in a linked universe as customizations made to the OOTB ITAM universe may be over-written when the ITAM universe is updated in the next release.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration