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Will eTrust (eTrust Access Control, eTrust Anti-virus, eTrust Firewall ) effect Autosys if it is installed on the same system?


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eTrust (eTrust Access Control, eTrust Anti-virus or eTrust Firewall ) is installed on the server, I wish to install Autosys on. Does eTrust use the Dylan Socket adapter? If so, won't it affect autosys? Will I have any other problems?


AutoSys does not use eTrust Acess Control, Anit-virus or Firewall. So there should be no general conflicts.

However, when installing these products be aware of the following:

eTrust Access Control can be configured to lockdown processes or directories that Autosys might try to access. That can cause problems for AutoSys. Follow up with your eTrust Access Control administrator for configuring its policies/rules.

eTrust Anti-virus may cause processes to stop working or quarantine them if it senses that they are potentially harmful.
Follow up with your eTrust Anti-virus administrator if any conflicts are found.

eTrust Firewall can block or allow activity on a per port basis. Please check to make sure the ports AutoSys needs are opened to prevent problems. See the Autosys Implementation guide on which ports need to be opened and eTrust Firewall support documentation on how to open them.

CA Support recommends that prior to installing new products a backup of the working system is taken.


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