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Users are required to use a Web Director URL to load balance the CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) Web Services requests using the 'bopSID' method. The CGI URL usage does not load balance such requests within SDM.


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Normally both CGI URL and Web Director URL load balance user requests between SDM servers which are configured for Load Balancing. However, when CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) Web Services' based 'bopSID' method is utilized, the Web Director method must be used.


With CA SDM Web Director configuration enabled, users can access the @NX_WEB_CGI_URL of any participating SDM server and they will get redirected to an available SDM server. This re-direction is done automatically by the Web Director. The same is also true when you use the Web Director URL.

However, the same is not true for login requests using the SDM Web Services 'bopSID' method. Using this method you can obtain the 'bopSID' from SDM Web Services and then use that 'bopSID' to initiate a web browser session into SDM without getting prompted for userid/password. This is normally useful when configuring a single-sign-on or similar integration layer on top of CA SDM.

After obtaining a 'bopSID', you are restricted to use it against the Web Director URL to make your request against SDM Load Balancing.

For example: Secondary1 and secondary2 are the two SDM servers being load balanced by CA SDM Web Director. If you invoke http://secondary1:8080 or http://secondary2:8080, you will be directed automatically to either secondary1 or secondary2 depending on the status of the server's willingness within the load balance configuration.

When you initially query http://secondary1:8080 via SDM Web Services to obtain a 'bopSID' and then try to use that 'bopSID' against the same server (http://secondary1:8080), you will be forced to remain on the same SDM server to which your request was originally sent. Automatic redirection to secondary1 or secondary2 will not occur as it does with normal SDM requests. However, if you obtain 'bopSID' and then use that value against the Web Director URL (ex: http://secondary1:8080/CAisd/pdmweb_d1.exe) then the load balancing will occur per the willingness/load balance configuration as expected.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration