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Why the New Password field is filled with asterisk characters


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Make sure to define the following properties: ClearPwdIfInvalid=true and PwdConfirmAttrName=|passwordConfirm|.


You might have noticed that tasks that allow to reset passwords might show the New Password attribute already set with a number of asterisk characters.

This could be confusing to the users who would prefer to see it empty.

To fix this you should add parameter: ClearPwdIfInvalid=true and PwdConfirmAttrName=|passwordConfirm| to the BlthPasswordServices in the Management Console.

The entire procedure is described below:

Enable Clear Password Fields on Reset User Password Task
You can configure CA Identity Manager to automatically clear password fields when a previously entered value violates a password policy, or when values in the Password and Confirm Password fields do not match.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start the Management Console.
  2. Select the environment that you want to manage, then click Advanced Settings. The Advanced Settings page appears.
  3. Click Business Logic Task Handlers, BlthPasswordServices. The Business Logic Handler Properties page appears.
  4. Create the following properties:
  5. Verify that ConfirmPasswordHandler settings are as follows:
    Object type User
    Class ConfirmPasswordHandler
    ConfirmationAttributeName = |passwordConfirm|
    OldPasswordAttributeName = |oldPassword|
    passwordAttributeName = %PASSWORD%

Users can now clear password fields in the Reset User Password task.


Component: IDMGR