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How to verify the SpectroServer uptime Performance problem


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CA Spectrum



If you see performance problems over a period of time which are solved by a SpectroServer restart, you can investigate by following the advice below:

SpectroServer Performance review can be done by:

  • SSPerformance Application Model

  • Spectrum Control Panel / Control Menu / SpectroServer Performance

Check latency values for Log, Poll, Timer and Notification. If one or more of these values are high, check the following:

  1. At the OneClick Console select Locater / Application Models / By Name

  2. Search for SSPerformance

  3. On the result window at the right hand side select the SSPerformance Model and on the Component Detail Window select Performance tab.

  4. On the Performance tab on the top left select the appropriate latency entries (for example SS_Notification_Latency, SS_Timer_Latency) from the menu.

  5. On the right hand side the number of hours can be selected, for example, 12 hours.

If the results show that the latency grows during this time this indicates that there appears to be a problem with the OS Memory Management.


Make use of the SpectroSERVER_mts executable (see TEC579107 for instructions).

With Spectrum 9.2.2 and higher, the mts executable is used by default.


Component: SPCCSS