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How to skip the TCU0025 panel display


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How do I stop the TCU0025 panel from displaying?

We are running CA-TSS 15.0.

Invoking TPX applid, we always get TCU0025 between TCU0003 and TCU0041 as follows:

  TCU0025 TPX Signon Information 
  TSS7000I JSYSDJC Last-Used 13 Jul 11 02:24 System=CDCP Facility=BATCH 
  TSS7001I Count=21464 Mode=Fail Locktime=None Name=USER, N. E. 
  Press Enter to continue 
  Command ===> 

Why do we get this TCU0025 panel?


The Txx0025 panel is used to display signon messages that are returned from your security system.

You use Security Action/Message Tables (SAMTs) to specify how CA TPX will respond to return codes and messages from your security system. A SAMT consists of entries for return codes and messages. For each entry there is a corresponding action for the software to take or a reference to a message for the software to display, or both.

This is how you can use the SAMT to suppress specific message ids:

From your TPXADMIN,

  1. Select system options - OPT 2.

  2. Select Security Action/Message Processing - OPT 8.

  3. Select the security system you are using ( e.g. TOPS).

  4. Add "Y" to suppress the desired message ids in the SAMT (e.g. for #0007001 and #0007000).

  5. Recycle TPX for the changes to take place.

(This will apply for any of the language panels such as TCU0025, TEN0025, or any Txx0025, where xx is the language.)

See the TPX Administration Guide for details on specifying Security System Actions and Messages.


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