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Wily Agent Discovery through the Spectrum Wily Introscope Integration fails to get modeled


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CA Spectrum



When running the Agent Discovery through the Spectrum Wily Introscope Integration, the discovery reports it was successful but no Wily Agents are modeled in Spectrum.


In the Spectrum Wily Introscope Integration, the Wily EM Management Modules are called Wily Agents.

The Spectrum Discovery process for the integration should find and create the Management Modules as Wily Agent models in Spectrum.

If there are no Management Modules present in Wily EM to represent the Wily Agents for Spectrum to discover, the discovery process will complete without error and appear to succeed but no Wily Agent models will be created.

This is known to be caused by a missing parameter in a properties file in Wily. The missing parameter causes the Management Modules to not be added, or registered, with Wily EM.

This step of defining this parameter was an oversight in the Introscope 9.1 documentation and is not present.

To resolve this problem, find and open this file:


The parameter to add is:


If the parameter is there it may need to have the 'ALL' value specified if something else is set there.

Also note that the value 'ALL' must be in all capital letters or it will not be acknowledged.

After adding that parameter to the properties file, the MOM should be restarted.

Once done rerun the Spectrum Wily Integration Discovery process and it should then see the Management Modules and create Wily Agents in Spectrum, assuming that change also resulted in the Wily EM showing Management Modules as being registered with it.

If this process does not work correctly, there may be other problems with Wily that will need to be reviewed by the Wily Support team. If that is the case please open a new support issue with the Wily Support team for additional assistance.


Component: SPCINT