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Downloading an attachment of file type XML from CA Service Desk Manager opens up the file within the web browser rather than opening the file with the default XML text editor. How to make the XML file open with the default XML editor?


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When you attempt to download a CXML file type attachment from a CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) ticket, the XML file content opens within the web browser by default.


Perform these steps to make the XML file type open within the default XML text editor:

  1. Backup the '%NX_ROOT%\bopcfg\www\CATALINA_BASE\webapps\CAisd\WEB-INF\web.xml' file on the CA Service Desk Manager server.

    Note: %NX_ROOT% refers to CA SDM Installation directory. By default, NX_ROOT is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Service Desk Manager' on a Windows 64-bit OS.

  2. Open the file with a text editor and locate the following section:


  3. Modify this section so that it looks like the following:


  4. Save the changes to the file and restart the CA Service Desk Manager Tomcat process by running the following commands:

    pdm_tomcat_nxd -c stop
    Wait for 10 seconds
    pdm_tomcat_nxd -c start

    Note: Making the above change will "always" force a Save-As Dialog box on downloads of attachments from CA Service Desk Manager. This feature is useful for security reasons and disables automatic web browser opening of CA Service Desk Manager attachment content.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration