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HTTP 500 Error Attempting to Generate Impact Analysis in WebStation Option


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Attempting to generate Impact Analysis in WebStation Option using the IA Icon in a query result set or by calling the DBXIA stored procedure directly may result in a HTTP 500 error in the session window.

Review of the WebStation Option Log file contains the following error at the time of the call to the DBXIA stored procedure:

  Invalid parameter: Unknown column name ENT_ID. ERRORCODE=-4460, SQLSTATE=null


This error is the result of a DB2 Subsystem parameter 'DESCSTAT' being set to NO.

With the introduction of the stored procedure result set came the DESCRIBE CURSOR statement, which provided a new way to perform a static DESCRIBE, albeit indirectly. If users executed a DESCRIBE CURSOR statement against an allocated cursor whose underlying real cursor was static, the operation always worked. However, they might not get the column names if DESCSTAT was not turned on when the stored procedure package was bound. IBM recommends that users set DESCSTAT to YES if they are dependent on retrieving column names. After changing DESCSTAT to YES, the repository packages including DBXIA will have to be rebound to pick up the column names.


Component: XTR