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Can I configure an alarm for MYSQL and send the alarm to NSM using the Proxy Agent?


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Can I configure MYSQL scan and alarm through the OS agent and send the alarm to NSM using the Proxy Agent?


CA Insight r11.5 can be configured so that MySQL alarms flows to NSM EM. This is not an out of the box feature and this would involve manual steps. This is simple Event Manager Integration, not through the proxy agent. MySQL is not supported through the Proxy agent as the Insight proxy agent supports other databases.

You configure the alarm for MySQL on DCC by using a genlimit alarm.

  1. Please review the Release Summary .pdf guide from the DCC DVD image. There is a section named 'MYSQL Support' which gives a brief description of MYSQL and lists all the MYSQL scans.

  2. Go to the DCC portal machine --> click on 'Help' from the top right corner of the screen --> click on 'CA Insight DPM for Distributed Databases Advisor Text (HTML)' --> click on 'Search' tab type in MYSQL and then click on the 'Search' button.

  3. Use the utility 'cawto' to send the alarm to NSM, please see this technical document for more details:-


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