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Clarity: Portlet filters are missing new attributes added to their data providers


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Clarity Studio sub-objects can add new virtual attributes that reference their parent object values, or new lookup attributes.
Existing portlets that are based on this sub-object as a data provider will show these new virtual attributes and lookups when created in their grid layout, but will not list them in the filter layout.
You can see the attribute in filter fields of the portlet if you Show All, but editing the properties of this filter field and trying to save them will result in system errors.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to Admin Tool > Studio > Portlets

  2. Create a new Grid portlet on data provider Task

  3. Navigate to Admin Tool > Studio > Objects > Task > Attributes

  4. Create a New Virtual attribute called pstatus, from the Investment's Status attribute.

  5. Go back to your portlet and look in the List Column: Layout, the pstatus attribute appears.

  6. Go to the List Filter: Layout, the pstatus attribute is missing.

  7. Go to the List Filter: Fields and select to display All attributes, the pstatus attribute appears.

  8. Click on the pstatus properties and then click on Save, a system error occurs.

  9. Go to the General properties of the portlet.

  10. Click on Save As and create a new portlet from this one.

  11. Check the new portlet's list column layout and filter layout, the attribute appears.

Expected Result: No system error for filter field properties and to appear in filter field list when virtual attributes are created in data provider.

Actual Result: System error occurs trying to edit the filter field properties and field does not appear to add to the layout.



Perform a Save-As operation on the portlet, the new copy will be identical but will also have any virtual attributes that have been added to the data provider (sub object) since the original portlet was created.

The 'use-case' described is just one scenario. This could occur with other data providers that are 'system-restricted'.
When attempting to configure system-restricted views with new attributes, there may not be a viable workaround because it will not be possible to create a new view, such as in the case of the Team Object or other comparable system objects using the underlying data provider.


This issue is documented as CLRT-60209 which causes CLRT-69448 and is currently in review with development.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-60209, CLRT-69448 clarity12open, clarity13open.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus