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Failed to get the DD Reference for an Attribute, Attr = CA.SM::Domain.IMSEnvironmentsLink


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CA Directory CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal CA Security Command Center SITEMINDER ACE



You may encounter a problem with AdminUI (WAM UI) that is unable to
create Siteminder domains. The smps and Siteminder trace files may
show the following errors:

   ][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:ERROR: Failed to get the DD Reference for an   
   Attribute, Attr = CA.SM::Domain.IMSEnvironmentsLink, Vendor = CA, Prod = SM,   
   Class = Domain]   

   ][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:ERROR: Failed to set the value for an Attribute,   
   Attr = CA.SM::Domain.IMSEnvironmentsLink, Vendor = CA, Prod = SM, Class =   

   ][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:ERROR: Failed Create Operation]   
   ][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:ERROR: Cannot Process the Request.]

This happens when running Policy Server with a Policy Store for which
extensions were updated (1).

The error above can happen if:

 - Siteminder Policy Server was extended to support Identity Manager

   (running the IDM installer on the Siteminder machine)
 - The IdmSmObjects.xdd was not imported.

 In this situation Siteminder is expecting to find the
 objects/attributes related to the Identity Manager in the schema
 (such as: Domain.IDMEnvironmentsLink above) but won't find them and
 fail on the reference error above.




Policy Server 12.8SP5;
IdM 14;




Make sure to import the siteminder_home\xps\dd\IdmSmObjects.xdd DD
Data Definitions in the Policy Store to solve the issue. Once DD Data
Definitions imported, make sure you fully restart the Policy Server.


Additional Information



    Import Data Definitions into the Policy Store

      You can control the access of a user to application functions using
      CA SSO policies. The Policy Server installation includes the
      required data definitions to allow this control. You import the
      IdmSmObjects.xdd file from this location:

      siteminder_home is the Policy Server installation path.

      Use the following command from the Policy Server:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\siteminder\xps\dd>XPSDDInstall IdmSmObjects.xdd