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CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition condition code synchronization with CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers (CA 11).


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This Knowledge Document explains the CONDCHK feature in CA 7 Edition and its interface with CA 11.


With CA 7 Edition r11.3 and CA 11 r11.0, synchronization of job condition code success or failure between the two products can now be achieved by adding CONDCHK=YES as a keyword to the RESTART statement of the CA 7 Initialization file. This allows CA 7 to control restart processing for jobs under its control, as opposed to the operating system and CA 11. When a CA 7 jobs fails as a result of the CA 7 defined condition codes, CA 7 will issue a request to reset the CMT to "RESTART Processing" (R) status under CA 11. Once the CMT is set to RESTART status, a new setting in the CA 11 CMT will be populated as SCHCC from the output of the LSTP command. The LJOB command will indicate a status of SCC. Both indicate CONDCHK in CA 7 is in use.


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