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PRF0515E Spill file access error. How to setup the Spill file?


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Running a CA report Facility Query results in message:

PRF0515E Spill file access error. Exhausted all memory and Spill file allocs.

How to setup or increase the Spill file?


The spill file is used to contain query result tables, which are the data returned by a query and reports.

When executing a query or form, the result table is always written to the spill file so that subsequent executions of any form or query requiring the same result table do not incur the I/O needed to build the table.

Only one result table is kept in the spill file for a particular user. This is always the most currently used result table in the user's session.

The spill file is emptied when the user exits CA Report Facility or the batch job ends.

Online reports are also written to the spill file to facilitate browsing.

Batch reports are written directly to the output destination, and are not maintained in the spill file.

The spill file is set up in the User Profile. The allocations are defined for the environment that is being used, i.e. Batch, TSO, IMS or CICS.

Increase the bold marked values:

                                        User: USER01              
 Batch Report Parameters:               Name: DEFAULT USER PROFILE 
 Execution Allowed .......... Y                                    
 KBYTES of main memory ...... 32                   Row Limit ... 0 
 VSAM Spill File OPTIONS:                                          
   Primary Extent KBYTES .... 4,096                               
   Secondary Extent KBYTES .. 1,024                                
   Spill File VOLUMES ....... WORK01 WORK02 WORK03                 
   High-level Qualifier ..... USERID                               
 Governor Resource Group .... SYSTEM

The Report Facility Administration Guide, Appendix E - Miscellaneous - Memory and Spill Files will provide additional information on how to calculate the size of the spill file that will be needed.


Component: BIPRF