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The database load would fail when loading newer version of database save to a lower database version


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CA eHealth



When transferring a database from one machine to another, you may mistakenly try to load a newer version of the database to an older version of eHealth/Oracle. For example, you attempt to load a 6.3.0 database save to an 6.2.2 eHealth installation. Below is a typical error you may receive.

/ehealth_bin/bin/nhLoadDb -p
The database you chose to load is from
Machine name:
Machine type: server
Do you want to load the database? [n]
See log file /ehealth_bin//log/load.log for details...
Begin processing 09/24/2012 21:07:18.
09/24/2012 21:07:19 - Load DB path: /Oracle_ASCII/backup.tdb/oracle_rman
09/24/2012 21:07:19 - Performing initial checks ...
Cleaning out old files (09/24/2012 21:07:19).
Copying relevant files (09/24/2012 21:07:19).
ERROR: SQLCODE=-3114 SQLTEXT=ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE
could not get oracle revision number
Error: Database error: nhiLoadDb.
Error: The program nhiLoadDb failed.
Error: nhiLoadDb failed.
Load failed with status: 1


Upgrade eHealth to a version that is equal to or is newer than the database you will load from.


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements