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No data on interface report in eHealth from Spectrum OneClick


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CA Spectrum


In a Spectrum/eHealth integration we may not be able to get the interface report for few models in eHealth when generated from Spectrum.

Follow the instructions specified in the solution to resolve this problem.


Release: Any
Component: SPCINT



The following steps will resolve this issue;

  1. Make sure the models and the respective interfaces are modeled properly in Spectrum.

  2. Make sure Spectrum is integrated successfully with eHealth.

  3. Run incremental mapping to map the unmapped models from Spectrum to eHealth.

  4. If the problem still persists check the below things in eHealth

    1. Whether the interface is available in eHealth

    2. Are the interface and its parent elements polled successfully.

    3. Any errors for snmp/polled data/icmp errors in the log files in Oneclick

  5. Now the last thing which we need to check is whether the interface element is properly identified with appropriate element type in eHealth.

  6. In this case there are chances that the element type for the interface in eHealth can be shown as "unknown" instead of Lan/Wan. This can be the root cause of data not getting reported on these interfaces in Spectrum nor in eHealth.

To avoid this issue follow the below suggestions;

  1. Open the eHealth oneclick console

  2. Expand the world view -> Managed elements . Click on elements tab in the left panel. Click on Advanced filter tab in the right panel.

  3. Filter on the basis of element type and select "unknown" from the drop down box in the right filter panel.

  4. The resultant list at the bottom gives you the list of interface having the element type as "unknown".

  5. Now right click on the elements by selecting them all at a time and click on "Edit Elements in the drop down window.

  6. Now select polling tab and get the value of Record Detail Data. This value will be configured to No. By default it will be Yes. Re-configure this value to Yes and click on apply.

  7. Observe that these elements will now be modeled with proper element types. This usually happens when eHealth is not able to identify the correct element type of the interface due to lack of consistent information in the Mib and also if the user sets the Record detail data on the interface elements to No after discovery and before saving the results.

  8. To run LAN/WAN reports on router interface elements, you must enable CA eHealth to save detailed performance data on those elements when you discover them using the Router/Switch Discovery technology. This requires Record detail data option to be set to Yes.

  9. CA eHealth does not save detailed performance data on router interface elements when you discover them using the Router/Switch Discovery technology. It aggregates the data for those interfaces to the total data for the router. As a result, you cannot run LAN/WAN reports on the router interface elements. This also requires Record detail data option to be set to Yes.