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Black pipes in Spectrum VPN manager


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CA Spectrum


Pipes are black for Spectrum VPN connections. This can give the mistaken impression that something is wrong.

This is compounded by the fact that the topology tab for the link is not enabled and the user gets the error message:

Unable to Render Topology. There are no resolved connections.


Release: Any


Pipes are black by design for VPN connections because a VPN is a logical concept and not a singular device. To enable live pipes, the interfaces at both ends of the pipe need to be monitored and this is not possible with a logical concept such as a VPN or EVPN.

VPN managers are capable of monitoring the health of the connections to VPNs through the use of VFR Ping, path traces etc. Thresholds can be set that if exceeded will caused an event on the VPN. 

Additional Information

Please reference the "VPN Manager" section of the documentation for more information.