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Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 Wizard error when using Siteminder


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When using Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 with Siteminder and clicking on any Wizard including Subgroup or Copy, receives the following error:

Client found response content type of 'text/html', but expected 'text/xml'.

The request failed with the error message:

"This page is used to hold your data while you are being authorized for your request. You will be forwarded to continue the authorization process. If this does not happen automatically, please click the Continue button below. FORM NAME="AUTOSUBMIT" METHOD="POST"ENCTYPE="application/x-www-form-urlencoded""


UAPM 11.3.4 with windows 2008 SP2 64 bit and IIS 7.0 or 7.5 and Siteminder

  1. Create an application pool named 'APM'
  2. Click on the 'APM' application pool and click on Advanced Settings
  3. In the Managed Pipeline box, choose 'Integrated'
  4. Move the APM virtual directory into the new application pool

    1. Expand the Default Website
    2. Click on the APM virtual directory
    3. Click on Basic settings
    4. Click Select next to the Application Pool checkbox and choose the newly created APM application pool

  5. Click on the DefaultAppPool which should contain the rest of the UAPM virtual directories including the
    APMWS and APMWizard virtual directories.
  6. Click on the DefaultAppPool application pool and click on Advanced Settings
  7. In the Managed Pipeline box, choose 'Classic'

UAPM 11.3.4 with windows 2003 and IIS 6

In the document called 'Steps to configure UAPM to use SiteMinder

authentication.pdf' included with T5E2185, follow the below steps.

4. Right-click on the APM Web Site and Select Properties

4.1. Select the Directory Security tab

4.2. In Authentication and access control, click the Edit button

4.3. Select the check box next to "Enable anonymous access"

4.4. Be sure to de-select any other check boxes on this page. It is a requirement that no other authentication method be selected.

4.5. Select Virtual Directory Tab and click on Configuration button.

4.6. In the mappings tab, insert and browse to the bin directory of Web agent installation and select ISAPI6Webagent.dll.

NOTE: Make sure that you uncheck "Verify that file exists".
The webagent's isapi dll should be mapped to only APM directory. You should remove this for any other virtual directories.


Component: BITCM