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CA Workload Automation Windows job failed with error code 740


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When trying to run a Windows application the job failed with error code 740.

The transmitter.log might show the entry like:

....TCP/IP Controller Plugin.Transmitter pool thread <Medium:1>[:695] - Message has

been sent: 20120812 14104099+0400 CENTRAL_MANAGER_7500 ESADEV USER.MYJOB/MYAPP.1/MAIN State FAILED Cmpc(740) SetEnd

User(MYSUER) Host(HOST123)


In MS Windows the error 740 means that the "requested operation requires elevation" when an application software was installed (or has been configured) to Run as Administrator.

Usually the CAWA Agent service runs as Local System account and any attempt execute an application with the "Run as Administrator" option would fail to error 740.

To resolve the problem try set the Agent's service to Log on as 'This Account' with an account of needed privileges.

Note: Starting Agent's service as a particular account would not allow to use the USER statement in a job.

Alternatively, keep the Agent's service Log on as Local system account and in the job definition set the USER statement assigned with an account which was permitted to run the application.

If none of above worked you would need modify an application setting and/or Windows User Account Control.


Release: ATSAGE99000-11.3-Workload Automation AE-Remote Agent