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What are the requirements for JRE and compat-libstdc while installing CA Workload Automation System Agent on SLES11 on z/Linux


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CA Workload Automation AE - Business Agents (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Workload Automation Agent DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


The libstdc++ package required to obtain from Novel is libstdc++33-32bit. This package contains, and a symlink will be created to as part of the installation.

Version of JRE required is (notice that it is a 31-bit, not 64-bit) the following or later

java version "1.6.0"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build pxz3160sr11-20120806_01(SR11))
IBM J9 VM (build 2.4, JRE 1.6.0 IBM J9 2.4 Linux s390-31
jvmxz3160sr11-20120801_118201 (JIT enabled, AOT enabled)
J9VM - 20120801_118201
JIT - r9_20120608_24176ifx1
GC - 20120516_AA)
JCL - 20120713_01


Component: SYSAGT