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How to find and download specific CA IDMS PTFs / APARs


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Fixes are written to correct problems that are found in the GA versions f software that has been released’. These can be downloaded and applied as desired. Eventually all published fixes will be included in the next Incremental Release for the product.


Solutions are available online at Specific solutions can be located and downloaded.


APARs & PTFs are written for all operating systems that support CA IDMS.


Here's the easiest way to find specific fixes:

  1. Go to the CA Support Online site (
  2. Sign on (if you don't have a sign on, you'll have to request one; that usually takes about 24 hours.
  3. Once signed on, specify CA IDMS in the product line, then hover your mouse over the “Knowledge Center” icon and select “Product Pages”.
  4. Use the Search bar at the top of the screen, and enter the PTF or APAR number. You'll be typing over the phrase “Enter Search Terms”. Then click the “Search” button.
  5. The search results should include the PTF or APAR. They may also include other APARs (PEAs) that address bugs which have been found that APAR since it was released, and an Aggregate maintenance APAR which includes that APAR (if one exists). In the search results, the APAR will be the one where the bottom line of the description includes these fields: 
    Type: Solutions    ID: <APAR number>
  6. Click on the first line of that entry in the search results.
  7. This should take you to the APAR itself. Near the top, there will be a header in blue with various options including 'Solution Downloads'. If you click that tab, it will jump down the page to the .bin files which you can download. If you click the box under 'Add to cart', then click on the 'Download' link, it should take you to where you can download the APAR either using HTTP (via Download Manager or Internet browser) or using FTP.
  8. APARs are now written as module replacements, so applying one will replace one or more load modules in your load library. Each such fix is cumulative, so applying one will also apply all previous fixes to that module.


You can also access the APAR and download it from the “Download – Published Solutions” section of the website. You can search on a specific fix there, then follow steps 6 – 8 above to download the fix.
     Once you have downloaded the APAR, you can FTP it to your mainframe system to apply it. For details on how to accomplish the FTP process for a Z/VSE system, see more information in Knowledge Document 
KB000052164, which can be found here:


Release: IDADSO00100-18.5-ADS-for CA-IDMS


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