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Installing a fresh eHealth on Windows environment the following error happens at the user/password validation step:

Unable to ensure that account 'ehealth' is a member of the Administrators group and has the Log on as Service right. Use Administrative Tools.. Computer Management to check or change the account

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Figure 1

Anyway the 'ehealth' user is a member of the Administrators Local group and has the log on as a Service right.


This problem happens because the installer cannot understand the response coming back from the system when it queries to find out what groups a user is a member of.

Basically there are two

  1. The Windows Operating System isn't English. You need to install English, French or Japanese OS on the server. No other language is supported
  2. The OS's Regional Settings are configured to other language that English

For point (B) do the following:

  1. Change/confirm that all the Regional Settings are set to English.

    VERY IMPORTANT is the setting for "Language for non-Unicode programs"
    • On Windows 2003:

      Windows Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options

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      Figure 2

    • On Windows 2008:

      Windows Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options

      <Please see attached file for image>

      Figure 3

      <Please see attached file for image>

      Figure 4

  2. Remove the previous created 'ehealth' local user
  3. Reboot the server
  4. Log on using the administrator local user and create a new 'ehealth' user. This step with the objective to have the correct regional setting for the 'ehealth' user based on the configurations done on step 1
  5. Make this new 'ehealth's user member of the Administrator and ORA_DBA local groups
  6. Give the following User Rights to this new 'ehealth's user:

    • Logon on Locally
    • Logon as a Service

  7. Log on with this new 'ehealth' user and run the eHealth install process

If the above no resolve your issue, please check the following KBs or open a CA-Support case

- TEC514967

- TEC515169


Component: EHINST


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