SA03 abend in IDMS
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SA03 abend in IDMS


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SA03 abend can occur at CV shutdown or startup in some situations.


Release: All supported releases
Component: IDMS


The SA03 at shutdown indicates that the main TCB for the CV is trying to end but there is an active subtask TCB still active, which is not related to Multi-Tasking.

This can commonly occur at CV shutdown when:

  1. A site is using MQ-Series, or a third party product which utilizes a TCB such as Tact Software or Vegasoft; or when a site has processing in place
    which attaches an OS subtask, such as a WTOREXIT; or
  2. The OS subtask for that product or process has not been shut down or has not completed shutdown; or
  3. There is an active COBOL subtask.


To resolve this:

Shutdown MQ-Series subtask or other subtask which is still active when the shutdown is attempted, before issuing the CV SHUTDOWN command.

An SA03 can also occur at startup. The main causes for that are:

  1. Not having run CAIRIM in order to load the SVC before starting the CV;.
  2. Starting up the CV with startup modules or SVC still assembled with old operating system libraries, after upgrading the operating system.

To resolve these, ensure that the SVC and CV startup modules are assembled with the current operating system libraries, and the CAIRIM has been run to load the SVC before starting the CV which references it.