An SD Software Package that uses InstallShield is failing with exit code 8192 and with a message: indicates possible error [SDM228001]


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An SD Software Package that uses InstallShield can fail with: exit code 8192 indicates possible error [SDM228001]

The SD agent logs may show:

281111-16:42:35.9860866L|001064|00000ba0|SDAgent | |sdjesdprocedureexecu   
|000443|NOTIFY | SDJESDProcedureExecutorIf::Execute executing setup.exe 
-s /f1.\setup.iss /f2C:\PROGRA~1\CA\DSM\Agent\units\00000001\usd\sdjexec

281111-16:42:35.9863196L|001064|00000ba0|SDAgent | |sdjeinterface.cpp       
|000243|INFO | Execute:setup.exe -s /f1.\setup.iss /f2C:\PROGRA~1\CA\DSM\Agent 
\units\00000001\usd\sdjexec\0F07356E-3D4A-49FC-8ACD-D3A24CC49E0B.res , timeout:21600000ms 
281111-16:43:13.4033649L|001064|00000ba0|SDAgent | |sdjecontainerif.cpp |
001284|NOTIFY | SDjob 1 returns: 1 ExitCode: -2147213312

Note the relative path for the setup.iss file:

setup.exe -s /f1.\setup.iss


SD Packages based on InstallShield may fail when run with the '/s' switch,

even though a Green check mark is received in the GUI.
Any of the following parameter combinations may fail as well:

/s + : 	

Also relative paths may give unpredictable results.

The following command line should allow the install to work:

setup.exe /s /f2$rf  

Any additional parameters can be applied after these.

The following command line is also known to work:

setup.exe /s /f1"$ip/1.vol/setup.iss" /f2$rf 


Component: DTSVMG