Maintaining the CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition AGENT file.
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Maintaining the CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition AGENT file.


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Doing maintenance on the CA 7 Edition CA7AGNT file is strongly recommended. If older data is not deleted from the CA 7 Edition AGENT file, it will eventually fill up.



Release: ESPSEV99000-11.3-CA-7-Extended Support Plus


 When using CA 7 Edition to interface with the CA Workload Automation System Agents, CA 7 Edition maintains the AGENT file.

This file contains information returned from the CA Workload Automation Agents when a job has been executed. You need to do routine maintenance on this file by deleting old entries. In order to delete the old entries, we recommend you schedule a batch terminal jobs (BTI) to issue the /DELAGENT command:


The xx value for the AGENTDAY keyword is the number of days from 1-35 to be retained in CA 7 Edition AGENT file. All older data will be deleted.

The default is coded on the initialization file XPDEF,AGENTDAY= (if coded), or else 15 days if not coded. This value should be coordinated with the CA WA Agent's retention of SPOOL data. For more information, consult the CA Workload Automation SE Agent Cookbook, section on SPOOL files under Log Data. This manual can be located at our CA Support web site at:

We recommend you run this job on a weekly basis depending upon number of Agents defined and the number of jobs run for all these Agents.

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