Log File Monitoring in Spectrum using SystemEDGE


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CA Spectrum


Log File Monitoring in Spectrum using SystemEDGE


Release: Any
Component: SPCAEM


  1. Open the Event Configuration editor on the SpectroSERVER.
  2. Select event 0x0116002f for Host_systemEDGE (not global), and choose to log the event in the historical database as seen here:


  3. Then choose Conditional severity for event variable 107 (where the integer for severity is stored). Then click on the configure button to add the mappings between the integer in 107 to the Spectrum severity (see next two images):

  4. Click new, or "+" from the top


  5. Follow the instructions in the next image:

  6. After saving the changes and generating a log alert, here is the end result:

    In this way you can generate different severities for log file matches depending on the value of the severity event variable.