The Natural v8.2.3 INPL NATB0100 step of the NATI061 job abnormally terminates with a NAT9987 RC=040 in program INPLERR when the CA APAS Insight NATINS and Shared Parameter are included in the Natural v8.2.3 Shared nucleus.


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APAS Insight Monitor for Adabas PLEU



If the CA APAS Insight Shared Parameter module was generated with a version of Natural prior to Natural v8.2.3 and it is linked with the Natural v8.2.3 Shared nucleus, the following error occurs :

             Reading INPL Dataset created on                             
Error Message         Error  Language Short Target   Action                     Target          
Type                  Number Codes    Long  Library                             DBID/FNR        
--------------------- ------ -------- ----- -------- ------------------------- -----------       
    Error has occurred during INPL processing.                                            
          Error ...... 920                                                                      
          Program .... INPLERR                                                                  
          Line no .... 5935                                                                     
        Error Info 1 NATMTBPI                                                                   
        Error Info 2 (00000004)                                                                 
          INPL has been terminated!                                                             
%ABEND : Error occurred during INPL processing.                                                 
NAT9987 Natural session terminated abnormally - RC=040.


Starting with Natural v8.2.3, the Natural SYSERR error messages are contained in the Natural INPL data set and loaded along with the other Natural programming objects. Due to the change in the Natural v8.2.3 INPL utility modules to handle SYSERR messages, the CA APAS Shared parameter module must be reassembled and linked using the Natural v8.2.3 Source library. The Natural v8.2.3 Shared nucleus must then be relinked to include the newly regenerated CA APAS Shared parameter module.


Release: PLEU..00200-5.1-PLEU-Protection Log Extract Utility-for Adabas