What the difference between the Generic ODBC driver and the Generic ODBC3 driver on the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Universe of CA Business Intelligence (CABI)?


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CABI Designer can be used to edit/view the CA SDM Universe connection. In the Data Access Driver section that shows the connection used by the CA SDMUniverse, there are a few options available. This document explains the use of the ODBC Drivers.

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There is no difference between using ODBC or using ODBC3. The ODBC3 is just an extension of an ODBC driver.

ODBC3 can be used while creating a new connection with CABI interfacing with CA SDM universe. It is an independent driver. Both ODBC and ODBC3 are supported at the moment.

Contact CA Technical Support if you encounter any problems when using the ODBC3 driver instead of the ODBC driver.


Release: SWAMFC059000-12.7-Software Asset Manager-Flow Control


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